All our markets feature a variety of vendors offering products that are fresh and handcrafted. Here’s a sampling of some of our regular vendors that you’ll find at different markets:

Abbott Florist
Succulents from Succmycactus
Desserts by Bread Flour
Empanadas by Aldalex Corp
Guacamole & ceviche by Guacamole House
Local honey
Onigiri by Omusubee
Colombian Food by Delicious Bread
Nisha’s Flavors of India
Feng Shui by Onda Mystik
Conch Salad by Dope Chef
Hibachi Grill Masters
Crepes by Sweety Lovers
Paella by Papito Chef
Succulents from Carlos Marin Designer
Handcrafted accessories from Paz y Luna
Bubble tea by Bubby Boba
Chinese Food by Bzz Kitchen
Christian’s Juices
Incredible Kettle Corn
Courtney’s Cookies
Kombucha by Angry Booch
Shea Butter from A.C.A. Arts & Crafts of Africa
Orchids 305
Lemonade & drinks from Corner Café
Brewing Life Kombucha
Estela Orchids
Acai Bowls from Taste of Rio
Coconut Products by Coco Market Miami

Spices and teas from Mondepice
Mediterranean Food by Arabica Bakery
Acai bowls by Sweet Blendz
Poke bowls by Sweet Blendz
Korean Kitchen by Sweet Blendz
Produce & Cut Fruit from Fresh Organics & More
Baked Goods by Garbaud Bakery
Latin food by La Isla Bonita
Tacos by La Isla Bonita
Cheese from La Montagne des Saveurs
Orchid Depot
Raw Foods by Lamoy’s Living Foods
BBQ from Heifers & Hogs
Coconut items by La Caracola
Empanadas by Argentinian Grill Stop
Greek food by Gyro-Licious
Jewelry from Artesanias Bellas
Baked goods by Batters & Batches
Lemonade by Green Bar Miami
Oriental Products from Healing Blends
Moringa from Jamaica Caribbean Things
Plant B Café
Orchids & Plants by Orchids Design by Reyna
Italian Ice by Icestasy
Meringue Factory
Baguette Plus
Natural juices by Caribbean Fruits
Ronnie & Moe’s Italian Ice
Produce & gorditas from Laura Produce Farm
Ceviche by Ditly Dee Corporation