We keep our network of vendors informed about new markets that are opening, availability of space in existing markets and other information about the food industry. We would like you to join us! Before you can decide whether it’s in your interest to join, the following explains our market guidelines:

  • We are primarily a green market producer which means in those markets, arts and crafts are not allowed. However, some of our markets are only arts and crafts and some are mixed. We provide opportunities for different product sales so please discuss your products and desired market location(s) with us.
  • We do not allow products that would directly compete with merchants in the area close to us. Our market purpose is to help and promote their businesses, not to compete with them.
  • Safety of you and the public must come before product sales. We require proper licensing and the safe physical structure of your stand and surrounding area to protect you, other vendors and the public. We have rules to share with you that you must agree with to join us. They are fair rules.
  • When we produce arts and crafts markets or mixed markets and you want to sell arts or crafts, your product has to be hand made by you or artisans that can be identified. The items cannot be ordered from a general wholesaler.
  • We provide you the space to sell your product but you are responsible for the product and equipment to sell it. Some markets have specific color requirements for the equipment that is used. We will let you know about these requirements.

We have an application that defines our responsibilities versus your responsibilities and a one-page document for each of our markets that defines any specific requirements of that market so you will know what is required. Please contact us for a copy of the application.